Do you want to improve your fitness levels, or simply find a new hobby and make new friends?  You’ll find a huge range of fitness clubs at Trinity Sports Centre, covering everything from Krav Maga to cheerleading.

Martial arts classes

Martial arts improve strength, fitness and self-confidence. We have a range of classes for all abilities, from Karate, to Tai Chi. You’ll be made more than welcome.

For more information click on the links below or contact the sports centre directly on 0161 278 1011.

Fun classes for all

We have a range of classes for all abilities. Learn a new skill and keep fit whilst having fun.

Current classes available are detailed below together with our weekly schedule.

What classes are available?

Xtreme Hip-Hop Dance

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Xtreme Hip Hop is a combination of Xtreme cardio, the step board, hip-hop music and lots of swag to provide participants with a fresh spin on an old concept. We are making STEP great again. Whether participants are beginners, advanced, old or young they all want a unique but effective workout regimen. This program will help provide safe and fun class for people of all ages and demographics.

The ultimate goal of Xtreme Hip-Hop® is to breathe life back into fitness and make it fun for all ages, cultures, genders and fitness levels. Our mission is to help saves lives by encouraging fitness and making it fun and not a chore! We are “Making Step Great Again.”


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Do you love music? Do you love to Dance? Do you like to have fun? Do you want to burn some calories? Then come and join us at Zumba.
No previous experience in dance is needed. Just move to the music and have fun!
Class is women only and costs £4


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Come and move, jump, kick and see what you’re capable of with us in Liverpool and Manchester. We recommend you come down and try a free class the first time you come to join in Capoeira, the unique Brazilian Martial Arts.

Capoeira is a combination of dance, acrobatics and strikes mainly using the lower body with our focus on training you to be physically fit to perform the moves with the elegance of a master. Over time we will help you gain an understanding of fundamental movements in Capoeira, develop your own style, and give you the skills to go anywhere in the world and join in with anyone else!

Capoeira is more than just the physical Martial Arts and was built around a social enviroment which included other forms of dance, music and helped give the practitioners a good boost in confidence. In our classes we also teach how to play various traditional instruments associated with Capoeira, and regularly have workshops and meetups where we teach and learn the other aspects such as Samba, Maculele (A warrior dance) and Forró (A partner dance).

Anyone is able to join, come and try with us!

Footy Addicts

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Footy Addicts is a social platform every football lover needs. They connect players with local football games of all shapes and sizes at a click of a button!

Go to the Games page, search games by location or date. Find the game that suits you, book your spot online to secure your spot and play football!

Footy Addicts games are hosted at Trinity 7 days a week!

Shotokan Karate

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The Shotokan Karate Academy is a KUGB affiliated club located in central Manchester. The Academy has been running since 1987 under the expert instruction of Sensei Garry Harford, 8th Dan. Garry is a widely respected senior instructor of the Karate Union of Great Britain with over 35 years experience teaching karate.
The Academy welcomes new members at any time, whether you are a complete novice or have some experience in this martial art, from the age of five.
If you want to find out more, why not come along to one of the training sessions.


Street Dance

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JETBLACK deliver classes for students from age 3 to 25yrs old. Our dance styles are: Street, Modern, contemporary, African, Caribbean and themed dances

SMART Martial Arts

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Want to try a martial art? used to do it when you were younger? fed up of the gym? SMART Combat may be for you. Our classes are designed to promote physical exercise, improving your fitness, flexibility and overall strength. We train both the mind and the body, promoting constant improvement through a specially designed six week training cycles.

Wheelchair Dancing

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Strictly Wheels Foundation aims to promote and inspire people to take up wheelchair dancing as a social activity and at competitive levels. Its about “Ability not Disability”.

Strictly Wheels Foundation was founded by “Strictly Wheels” – Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness after they began dancing and are now the UK’s first and only top class Latin Wheelchair Dance Sport couple and compete in Para Dance for Team GB at IPC Level.
Strictly Wheels Foundation is a charity based in Manchester and working throughout the UK to promote wheelchair dancing by providing demonstrations, showcase performances and workshops. We also run Wheelchair Dance Classes in Manchester.

Strictly Wheels

What days can I do them?

Xtreme Hip Hop Dance6:30-7:30pm
Systematic Martial Arts6:30-8pm
Shotokan Karate6-7.30pm
Bhangra Duet7-9pm
Wheelchair Dancing7-9pm
Shotokan Karate6-7:30pm
Manchester Bees Dodgeball8-10pm
Jet Black Street Dancing6-8pm
Healthy Body Healthy Mind11-1pm
Xtreme Hip Hop with Kezia12.30-1.30pm
Shotokan Karate10-12.30pm
Soccer Stars Academy10-2.30pm

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